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We help you see through the banks, giving you the advantage

Want to know which banks tend to pass on interest rate rises first? Which banks typically pass on interest rate cuts last? Glass scores the major banks on this basic fairness test. We aren’t owned by a bank or any other financial institution, which means you can have confidence in our independent and transparent advice. We’re on your side, explaining to you all the benefits, drawbacks, and potential hazards of the banks’ various loan products.

An Easy-To-Use Platform

An Easy-To-Use Platform

We provide a platform which gives you transparency throughout the loan process

You’ll always know where your application is up to with the Glass app and with your personal Glass broker. With a combination of smart technology and personal service from a specialist broker, applying for a loan is a seamless experience. Our technology encourages open and honest feedback, meaning our brokers work harder for your five-star rating.

Access trustworthy advice

We navigate you through your options with personalised support and advice

We offer visibility over the many different types of loan products available, and explain the details you need at every step. We help you understand and avoid the traps of inflated loan fees and hidden costs, so you can make smarter decisions. With personal service, you don’t have to deal with the headaches of bank branches and call centres.

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Transparency in lending

We work with businesses to ensure they have the right funding solutions.
We work with businesses to secure the right:

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The Glass App – Transparent & Seamless Lending

The Glass App brings transparency to the lending process, and facilitates more seamless contact between brokers and clients. You’ll be able to see where you’re at throughout the lending journey, what steps you need to complete, and ask for support from your broker along the way. They’ll get alerts as you progress, and it will speed up their processing of your application with the banks.

Of course, the Glass App works in addition to any phone and face-to-face contact you may have with your broker – meaning you’ll get the best technology plus old-fashioned personal service from beginning to end.

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